Prayer Of Dedication         January 11, 2009

View from pulpit


Dear Lord,

We know that in Your definition a church is not a facility, but a group of saved people who meet in a church building to glorify You, to lead people to Jesus, and to edify each other in the Faith.

We praise You during this renovation dedication for allowing our forefathers to purchase this prime piece of real estate and for the tremendous financial, physical, and emotional struggles they endured to build this beautiful facility. We praise You for all current members and members who have gone to Heaven and around the world.

Therefore, we dedicate this lovely, spacious campus:

      To the glory of the Father for His creation and for loving sinners;

      To the exaltation of the Son for providing salvation through His sacrificial death;

      To the Holy Spirit for convicting us of sin and inviting us into the family of God;

      To the Triune God for providing instructions in the Holy Bible for salvation and a proper, fulfilling lifestyle;

      For the practical proclamation of the Bible;

      For traditional Christ-centered music;

      For the observance of the Lord’s Supper and baptism;

      For leading sinners to Jesus;

      For marriage ceremonies;

      For funeral services;

      For Christian education;

      For righteous fellowship and friendship;

      For Christian unity and helpfulness among the brethren;

      And for all other events which will be done to magnify You and meet the spiritual needs of people.

May this campus always bring pleasure to You.

In Jesus’ name,


Auditorium front view


Dedication Service Dedication Prayer


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