Dedication Service



What a glorious church service we had in celebrating the renovation dedication! All aspects of the service glorified the Lord Jesus Christ, resulting in much excitement and appreciation being expressed for God’s blessings in the hearts and in the faces of those who attended. The auditorium looked full of worshipers who experienced Christ-centered music from the choir, congregation, and special solos.

Before the prayer of dedication, I explained why we chose the color of the carpet and pews. The experts tell us that the color speaks of:

      Welcome. College Lakes Church is a place where everyone is welcome regardless of his social, educational, or cultural background.

      Love. We desire to show everyone God’s love for man and our love for God, each other, and everyone in the world.

      Warmth. We want each person who comes to church to experience a feeling of welcome and love that is extended from God and our church.

      Desire. The color emphasizes our supreme desire for God as we come to His house. Matthew 5:6 states: "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled."

      Enthusiasm. Our enthusiasm is fueled by our love and service to God and others.

      Blood. God paid for our sins through the sinless blood of Jesus. A fourth grader, who saw the carpet on Friday, said that the color reminded him of the blood of Jesus Christ.

I also explained the color of the ceiling that is freshly painted. The white ceiling reminds us of God.

      He is pure, holy, and good. Christians should reflect God by the way they live.

      He is eternal and ageless. The color speaks of youth. We will not age in Heaven and will remain the perfect age that God has prepared for us.

      He is to be reverenced. We stand in awe of God because of who He is and what He has done.

As we looked up at the white light and saw the pews and carpet, God reminded us of the way He has provided for us to go to Heaven.

After I explained what the colors meant, Dr. John Basehart, the president of the officers, spoke of the beauty, spaciousness, and comfort that the renovation project provides. He also shared that the renovation cost $53,969 and the renovation Christmas offering came to a total of $26,194.

The service climaxed by three people asking Jesus to save them, and everyone was blessed by all that transpired. Only God knows what will happen in the future that will bring glory to Himself.


Dedication Service Dedication Prayer


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